SUSHISAMBA is always flexing our culinary creativity. Here are just a few of the recent highlights from our spectacular London locale.

Crave-worthy Street Snacks

Street food embodies the soul of whatever city it hails from.

Inspired by the on-the-go bites of Japan, Brazil and Peru, the culinary team has created a new street food-style bar menu: Think plantains, chorizo, squid, pastéis and more – no forks necessary!

Check out the full Samba Snacks menu.

Kobe Week – 10th – 16th April

Executive Chef Cláudio Cardoso’s passion for Kobe is unparalleled.

His week-long labor of love features a total of twelve creative Kobe-infused items.

From the KOBE ENGLISH BREAKFAST of Kobe sausage and bacon, asparagus, mustard – to the unique KOBE RAMEN with egg, mushroom and edible gold – this is a culinary event unlike any other.

See the full Kobe Week menu.

Dessert is a journey at SUSHISAMBA London

In London, you can travel to our ZEN GARDEN, of yuzu curd, bergamot tea biscuits, chocolate lychee peach stones. Or WELCOME TO THE RAINFOREST of Asháninka chocolate, Asháninka coffee, vanilla, pistachio, macadamia nut, sugar cane: This is dessert is made all the sweeter knowing that the coffee and chocolate are sourced directly from the rainforest inhabitants, the Asháninka – Peru’s largest indigenous group.

See all of London’s to-die-for desserts.