Over the four days prior to the opening of SUSHISAMBA Amsterdam, Dutch artist SIT (Sidney Waerts) created a massive wall mural with an interesting source of inspiration: a colorful tattoo emblazoned on SUSHISAMBA’s  Assistant Corporate Sushi Chef John Um‘s back.

The stunning 4 x 5 meter piece (approx. 13 x 16 feet) is on view as you enter the main dining room space.

Within the tattoo-there are two clear characters, a koi and a man.  The koi is represented as a monster, demonstrated in traditional Japanese design by the drawing of the fish’s scales running towards the head rather than away as you would find in a normal fish.

The man in the composition is a character from a Japanese folk story – who battles a monster koi carp and saves his village – therefore he is a representation of heroism and triumph. The small flowers are cherry blossoms and represent human frailty so in that, the symbolism is typically eastern – hero and frailty – the human condition, ying and yang

SIT took Chef John’s tattoo as inspiration for the large mural, reinterpreting it in his signature style. Dynamic lines shift the viewer’s attention between subtle details and an overall raw energy projected by the image.

We invite all guests to find their own interpretation of the bold mural during their visit to SUSHISAMBA Amsterdam on the Singelgracht canal.