SUSHISAMBA and Cool Earth have formed a strategic partnership designed to support Cool Earth, whose mission is to halt the destruction of the rainforest by aligning with indigenous villages.

We sat with SUSHISAMBA CEO Shimon Bokovza to learn more about the partnership, which launches with a special menu in December; 100% of the net profits of this menu will go to support Cool Earth and the indigenous communities they serve. The ingredients found on the menu — from coffee to cacao and many ingredients in between — are sourced from the same indigenous communities.


Why did you choose Cool Earth as a partner for SUSHISAMBA?

SB: The plight of the Amazonian rainforests has always held special meaning given the brand’s roots in Brazil and Peru. Protecting these endangered regions is something that resonates within the core of SUSHISAMBA culture. Many years back, I hosted “Don’t Bungle the Jungle,” an Amazon rainforest fundraiser with roots in Manhattan’s art scene, so it is a cause that has always been close to my heart.

We chose Cool Earth as we loved their model and admire how one of their key strategies is helping local people take back control of their land and their lives in the face of the growing lure to sell out to the loggers. Cool Earth gives them the resources they need to keep their forest intact and build schools, clinics and other crucial community needs. They are a true partner.

Right now, 90% of each donation to Cool Earth goes directly to their projects, so it’s is a very straight path to assistance with the ultimate goal of self sustainability for the communities.


How does SUSHISAMBA plan to raise funds for Cool Earth?

SB: We are a restaurant so we decided to stick with what we know best. For the launch, our Executive Chef Claudio Cardoso created two dishes not only inspired by the rainforest but using ingredients sourced and produced by indigenous Amazonian communities. That way we are supporting communities as a supplier as well as donating 100% of the net profits of the menu to Cool Earth for the month of December.

The Porco do Mato is fantastic as it combines native vegetation like plantains, passion fruit and the Asháninka coffee with traditional pork belly.

Our Head of Spirit and Cocktail Development, Richard Woods created the ‘Asháninka Forest,’ a truly unique cocktail that includes Peruvian Asháninka coffee beans, champagne and black raspberry liqueur. It’s an incredibly creative way to launch our partnership.


What other initiatives will we see to help cultivate the partnership?

SB: We are looking forward to further supporting Cool Earth throughout 2017 and beyond via a series of supper clubs, events and culinary initiatives, not only here in our London location but globally across our venues in the U.S. as well.

Cool Earth syncs beautifully with SUSHISAMBA’s heritage. From their support the of Brazilian and Peruvian rainforest preservation to the celebration of location culture in the regions, it is really a perfect fit for us.