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Swinging Sushi – Q&A with Chef Claudio Cardoso

Swinging Sushi – Q&A with Chef Claudio Cardoso


Portuguese chef Claudio Cardoso is the driving force behind Sushisamba, the exclusive restaurant concept offering a blend of Japanese, Brazilian and Peruvian cuisine. After London, Las Vegas, Miami Beach and New York City, Sushisamba is opening a new location in Amsterdam this month.


What’s the secret of Sushisamba’s success?

We combine three complementary cuisines with uplifting music, exciting street art and an impressive interior. The atmosphere is vibrant and festive, without losing focus on the most important thing – the food. We change our menu every three months depending on

seasonal availability and also pay a lot of attention to presentation. In this digital age, people appreciate a dish that is visually attractive as well. But first and foremost, the food has to taste amazing.


Why is Japanese, Brazilian and Peruvian food such a good mix?

They’re actually quite similar cuisines, partly due to the fact that Peru and Brazil both have large Japanese communities. They share a great love of (raw) fish, spices, herbs and fresh vegetables.


Peruvian food is ‘hot’ right now. Which cuisine will follow?

Being Portuguese, this might not sound objective, but I think that Portuguese cuisine will be huge soon. Portugal is a country with such a rich food culture, going back 600 years. It has remained quite local so far, but is now starting to spread.


Why Amsterdam?

It’s an upcoming city in terms of hospitality and quality restaurants. We felt it was a perfect fit, because a concept like Sushisamba doesn’t exist there yet.