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10 World-Class Sushi Restaurants to Add to Your Travel Bucket List

10 World-Class Sushi Restaurants to Add to Your Travel Bucket List


Imagine how exquisite it would be to travel around eating nothing but the best-of-the-best sushi… at places that put a premium not only on serving the highest-quality fish, but in offering a welcoming and often pampering interaction between chef and diner. These restaurants become transportive destinations in themselves — but it also might just be worth a trip across the country, or even the globe, to find them.

1.  Sushi Sora, Tokyo

If you can score a seat or two of the eight seats available at the bar at the Mandarin Oriental’s sky-high restaurant, you’ll be treated to impeccable food presented minimally and beautifully. As you gaze on the majestic views 38 floors up, you can pretty much say you’ve won at the sport of sushi, if not life itself.

2.  Masa, New York City

Dinner for two may cost more than a MacBook at the most expensive sushi restaurant in the country at $1,300, but the enduring memory would surely outstrip any laptop’s life. Michelin has given Masa an elusive three-star seal of approval.

3.  Hashiri, San Francisco

San Francisco’s priciest sushi spot, a showstopping transplant from Japan, fittingly sits in a plaza alongside the old Mint, where money was once printed. That’d be a helpful tool to have now, in order to afford the $500 per person price tag for omakase (chef’s choice) meals in the private dining room, probably the most decadent sushi experience on the Pacific Coast

4.  Sushi Samba, Las Vegas

Chef John Um’s Instagram feed is an endlessly artful array of sushi dream sequences that taste as good as they look (that’s his whole fish sashimi pictured up top). If ever the word opulence was appropriate, it’s at the Las Vegas outpost of Sushi Samba, where Um’s creations are available to anyone within reach of the Venetian.

5.  Sukiyabashi Jiro, Tokyo

If you’re into this kind of food, chances are you’ve already Netflixed the exceptional Jiro Dreams of Sushi documentary. Making your dream a reality is a must if you’re in Tokyo, and your patient chef is used to being asked to pose for pictures after.

6.  Sushitaichi, Tokyo

Also in Tokyo is a spot prized among sushi hunters. With only nine seats, it’s not the easiest to get into or even find, but the reward is to experience the best of the ever-changing seasons.

7.  Sushi Nakazawa, New York City

Daisuke Nakazawa was a protégé of your Netflix buddy Jiro before moving to the United States to open a restaurant in New York City. Sushi Nakazawa, which is much higher end than Sukiyabashi Jiro, instantly leapt into the competitive fray in New York and has become an essential stop for connoisseurs.

8.  Naoe, Miami

Miami’s ultra-luxe sushi hotspot has a motto: “It’s not fresh, it’s alive!” When you want to be that intimate with your dinner and appreciate a chef with a flair for the artistic and indulgent, it’s time to book a Naoe reservation.

9.  O Ya, Boston

Boston’s acclaimed spot for omakase action offers some of the most distinctive plating to hide behind a sushi hashtag. Outrageous seasonal specials like matsutake mushroom and white alba truffle nigiri take an already-decadent menu over the top.

10.  Kurumazushi, New York City

Kurumazushi is celebrating 40 years in business in Manhattan this year, which is an incredible feat given the fickle palates and high rents of the city. Great food is part of how it has remained so respected. And part of it is the restaurant’s priceless human touch: the unbeatable, welcoming smile of chef Toshihiro Uezu that is a staple on Instagram.

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Publication Date – Mar 24, 2017