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SUSHISAMBA celebrates Earth Week with a culinary campaign | Rainforest ingredients on their menu!

SUSHISAMBA celebrates Earth Week with a culinary campaign | Rainforest ingredients on their menu!

From April the 22nd (International Earth Day) SUSHISAMBA’s week-long global Earth Week celebration will inform, educate and inspire guests while providing support to help halt rainforest deforestation in the Amazon. The celebration of Earth Week at SUSHISAMBA will take place worldwide in London, Miami, Amsterdam and Las Vegas, all serving rainforest ingredients for Cool Earth.

This is how SUSHISAMBA’s week-long global Earth Week will be celebrated

Using ingredients, grown and harvested in the Peruvian rainforest by the Asháninka, Peru’s largest indigenous group, SUSHISAMBA chefs Claudio Cardoso and John Um have created a unique limited-edition menu blending the classic flavors of SUSHISAMBA’s cuisine with rich rainforest ingredients including chocolate, coffee and dried fruit sourced and produced by indigenous Amazonian communities supported by Cool Earth.

The Earth Week menu consist of:

  • OYSTER NIGIRI asháninka coffee, popcorn, mustard
  • TACACHO plantain mash, chorizo, pork belly, salsa criolla, asháninka dried pineapple
  • ROBATA AVOCADO asháninka chocolate mousse, banana, pisco, plantain
  • LOBSTER TIRADITO pineapple, coconut, asháninka coffee
  • MAIZE SEVICHE mandarin, huancaína, asháninka dried pineapple, plantain

A portion of the proceeds will benefit Cool Earth’s efforts to support the Asháninka community, as well as contribute to Cool Earth’s goal of halting deforestation and climate change.

Why Cool Earth and SUSHISAMBA? 

The situation of the Amazon rainforest has always had a special meaning for SUSHISAMBA. The Brazilian / Peruvian background of the restaurant and their passion for supporting the Amazon have both contributed to the global partnership between SUSHISAMBA and Cool Earth.

Cool Earth is a non-profit organization that works closely with rainforest communities in order to prevent deforestation and climate change. Cool Earth does not put down fences, but gives control back to those who deserve it: locals. This approach is in line with the ethos of conservation, sustainability and the creation of educational and social awareness.

Since 2016 SUSHISAMBA London has been working with Cool Earth on a series of initiatives, resulting in a benefit of over £ 180,000 for the English NGO. From visits to indigenous villages in the Amazon to meeting the people behind the ingredients, to epic event that have created more awareness and benefits for Cool Earth’s key issues – the SUSHISAMBA / Cool Earth partnership has already had a positive impact on the region.

Now they’re extending the boundaries of their collaboration with Cool Earth even further. In 2018, SUSHISAMBA is expanding the Cool Earth partnership for the first time into a global platform, in which SUSHISAMBA locations in Amsterdam, Las Vegas and Miami come together to support the vibrant relationship. The celebrations will start at the International Earth Day!

Website: Sushisamba