Equal parts education and interactive experience, SUSHI & SAKE 101 is a fun and fabulous way to get a unique culture fix.

We’ve pulled some top trivia points by way of introduction to the multi-faceted sushi and sake universe. Enjoy!


The mild, yet complex flavour of sake make it nicely paired with almost any global cuisine.

  • Sake is a traditional Japanese alcoholic beverage brewed from rice.
  • The three ingredients in sake are rice, water and koji-kin, a mold that enhances the overall textures and richness of sake
  • Sake is meant to be enjoyed fresh; while many have no vintages, several producers mature the sake for 3-4 years before releasing them to the market.
  • There are 8 different temperatures to enjoy sake: some of them show their best characteristics served cold, others served hot.


The word ‘sushi’ is actually in reference to the specialized rice that’s seasoned with vinegar, sugar, and salt – and ultimately filled with seafood and vegetables.

  • Sushi is prepared specifically to be eaten in one bite – so don’t worry about biting it in two…pop it in whole and enjoy!
  • Many Japanese sushi chefs spend up to 10 years learning how to make rice, resulting in that “just right” connection between fish and rice. Cleary fresh fish is crucial, but rice is equally important.
  • Many high-quality Japanese cutlery originates from Sakai, the capital of samurai sword manufacturing in the 14th century.
  • Traditional sushi is known as Tokyo-style sushi, which uses a limited amount of ingredients in its preparation. At SUSHISAMBA we specialize in non-traditional style sushi consisting of many ingredients, including variety of fish, vibrant fruits and vegetables and inventive sauces.

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