An Interview with DJ DAN.K. Spinning Friday, 3/23 @8pm – SUSHISAMBA Miami!

Day in and day out, Miami sushi meets the best music-at SUSHISAMBA. Our deep love of global grooves is part of our every day experience (and late night fun).

This week, we’re pushing our passion for the world’s best beats to extremes with our a 5-day series featuring Miami’s coolest DJs, Wednesday, March 21s through Sunday, March 25th. The event runs in tandem with Miami’s much-loved Winter Music Conference.

So if you’re doing sushi in South Beach and you love music, check out the schedule here. We’ll be featuring Dan Klokow, aka DJ DAN.K, interviewed below.

Dan will be LIVE at SUSHISAMBA Friday, March 23rd at 8pm.


For those that don’t know you, what is your preferred style of music and where are some of the coolest venues you have performed?

I’ve been DJing for over 15 years now.. I spin lots of different styles, but my forte is House. Whether that’s Disco, Tech, Funk, Nu-Disco, Classic… it’s all house music. Living in Miami for several years now, I have had the chance to play some great venues including; Electric Pickle, Do Not Sit On The Furniture, Miami Music Week along with several residencies at high end hotels and restaurants around Miami. I’ve also played clubs throughout the US, Brazil, Canada and Amsterdam.


Talking about international venues, what are some of the cities that you have seen really evolving / growing on the art / music / entertainment world?

Miami is at the forefront of the Art and music scene annually hosting Art Basel (The world’s largest Art expo), Miami Music Week – Winter Music Conference, III Points and Ultra Music. Amsterdam’s Dance Event (ADE) has grown exponentially over the past 20 years and is world re-known as the place to meet up with recording artists and record labels from around the globe.


When performing in a new city or venue like SUSHISAMBA, how do you try to incorporate the city / brand’s essence into your music?

It’s always good to know your crowd and the background of where you are spinning. In the case of SUSHISAMBA, I have been spinning there for several years and have done massive research into what I play there. Finding true traditional music from Brazil and incorporating my own style of Funk, Nu-Disco and House.


Are there any sets / DJs you’re looking forward to checking out during the Winter Music Conference?

Yes, as I also work for Traxsource (digital download site for DJs) I get to attend several big events during WMC. Some of my favorites are House of EFUnk with Soul Clap and friends, Carl Cox’s Soul Funk and Disco party is not to be missed at club Basement inside the Edition Hotel. The Salted Pool party with Miguel Migs and friends is always a treat, this year at the Epic Hotel. And there are literally hundreds of others!


What do you think are some of the biggest challenges and opportunities facing DJs today? What makes this the most enjoyable / preferable to you?

The hardest thing nowadays for a DJ is they have to do all the work. With social media being such a key point of interest for booking agencies, visibility and popularity is extremely important. Years before you could just be the DJ and show up and spin. Now you must be the Producer, Promoter, Video editor, Graphic designer, PR, Manager, and expert at all things social media. The music industry is not for everyone, but it is well worth it if you get to translate your music and sound to an audience that understands and enjoys it. Music transcends so many boundaries and makes us all unified.


What’s your go to “fuel” before a SUSHISAMBA set? Anything from the SUSHISAMBA menu you’re looking forward to trying?

The Neo Tokyo is my favorite sushi roll on the menu, and their weekly specials are always spot on!

Reserve your table during Music Conference Week at SUSHISAMBA Miami Beach.