Hand roll sushi, also known as ‘cone sushi,’ is the easiest type of sushi to make, and you can fill it however you want —let your taste buds be your guide.

Step 1: Prepare cucumber
Peel the cucumber, cut off the ends, and cut it in half lengthwise. Remove the seeds, cut the cucumber into thin strips about one-eighth to one-quarter inch wide, and set the strips aside.

Step 2: Prepare avocado
Cut the avocado in half lengthwise and twist the two halves until they separate. Cut the half without the pit into two quarters. Cut off the ends, remove the skin, and slice lengthwise into quarter-inch slices. Set the slices aside.

You can include whatever vegetables you like—scallions, carrots, zucchini, radishes—to customize your hand roll to your own personal taste.

Step 3: Tear nori sheets
Tear or cut the nori sheets in half.

Step 4: Hold nori side down
Hold a half sheet of nori shiny side down in the palm of one hand, supporting its length with your fingers.

Step 5: Press rice into nori
Moisten your other hand with a little water and grab about 1/4 cup— a small handful—of prepared sushi rice. Ball up the rice and press it onto the left-hand side of the nori.

Step 6: Spread rice
Spread the rice out to about a quarter-inch thickness, leaving a margin of nori around it, then press your index finger into the middle to make an indentation.

Step 7: Add filling
Lay a small amount of filling—say, one piece of fish and a slice or two of vegetable—in the indentation in the rice.

If you are hosting a ‘sushi party,’ place all your fillings on one serving platter and have your guests choose their fillings and roll their own.

Step 8: Tightly roll
Still holding the nori, rice, and filling in one hand, use your other hand to tightly roll up the bottom left-hand corner on the diagonal, over the rice and filling.

Step 9: Wrap into cone
Tightly wrap the opposite right-hand edge around, using a folding and tucking method to create a cone shape with the filling on the inside.

Step 10: Secure edge
Use a dab of rice on the corner to secure the inside edge of the nori to the outside of the cone.

Step 11: Place on plate & garnish
Make as many rolls as you want, and place them on a plate with a mound of prepared wasabi and a mound of Japanese picked ginger.

Did You Know?
Nori, an edible sea vegetable, has a higher vitamin C content than raw oranges.