80 boats. 6km waterways (3.7 miles). Thousands of colorfully dressed revelers: Amsterdam does PRIDE like no other city.

A gay pride celebration unlike any other, Amsterdam Pride is a week-long happening honoring the simple fact “that you can be who you are and may love whoever you want,” as stated in the colorful and information rich Pride Amsterdam website (we recommend taking some time to check out their videos-there are tons of great ones!).

The eight days of citywide events include film festivals, dance parties, sporting events, debates and more, kicking off with the annual Pride Walk starts at Homomonument at 11:00 on 28 July and ending with the Canal Parade 4 August.

SUSHISAMBA’s Edible Art: Loud & Proud!

Part of the Amsterdam community since 2017–SUSHISAMBA has been a long standing supporter of LGBTQ rights–this year we’re spreading the love and message of equality through one-of-a-kind collaboration with Elle, Glamour, L’Homo and Vogue, featuring four edible art creations by Corporate Chef John Um. A portion of the proceeds from each dish will benefit the Pride AmsterdamClick here for details

A Bit of History

Seven years after the 1970 Stonewall Riots in NYC’s West Village, the Netherlands demonstrated for LBGTQ rights in what’s known as Pink Saturday. Over 20 years later, Amsterdam Pride emerged in 1996 as a outsized party, organized by primarily gay entrepreneurs to celebrate freedom, diversity–and to put Amsterdam on the map as a proud, gay-friendly city.

2018: The Celebration Continues

Now, according to the Pride Amsterdam, Amsterdam has “evolved into a nine-day festival and has become one of the best and biggest celebrations of its kind, worldwide.”

This year, the theme of Amsterdam Pride is ‘Heroes’. Find out more by following @PrideAmsterdam

Check out everything that’s on the jam-packed Amsterdam Pride agenda here.