Celebrate World Sake Day with Our Sake Sambatini®!


The Sambatini® is a monthly-changing cocktail inspiration created in-house by our beverage team. In honor of World Sake Day, October 1st, we’re honoring Japan’s most revered spirit with a unique SUSHISAMBA mash-up: the Sake Sambatini®!

This bespoke cocktail blends the delicacy of rosé, two different premium sakes, and the graceful elderflower of St. Germain liqueur. Try it at home and feel free to share your results and tagging @SUSHISAMBA.

30ml Black Sake
30ml Rosé Wine
15ml St. Germain
10ml Sugar Syrup
30ml Mio Sake

Add first four ingredients to a large shaker tin or stirring glass. Fill with cube ice and stir until icy cold. Gently strain into a pre-chilled small martini glass, pour in the Mio sparkling Sake and garnish.

Small grapefruit zest (coin size). Use the cap of a soda bottle as a press, to cut out a similar size. Express the oils over the top of the drink and rub on the stem, before placing the zest on the top of the drink.