Richard Woods–Head of Spirt & Cocktail Development–recently added six culturally-inspired cocktails to our ever-innovative list.

One of London’s most acclaimed cocktail innovators, Richard has taken a fresh look at the bounty of inspiration that Japan, Brazil and Peru, the three cultures that fuel the SUSHISAMBA concept, so aptly provide. This tasty new list includes…

Bincho Double Black Sour – Fresh & Complex:  Whisky, Toasted coconut and spiced sugar shaken with Japanese citrus, egg white and activated charcoal. Served long over cube ice.

Sesame Old Fashioned – Strong & Rich: Sesame washed Whisky, salted caramel and maple. Stirred until icy cold and served over a large ice block.

Plantain Punch – Fruity, bitter & fresh: Bacardi Carta Negra rum, plantain purée and aromatized wine shaken with egg white, banana, cacao and a coffee infusion. Served on the rocks.

Seasonal Sake Spritz – Fresh, fruity & acidic: Sake, St. Germain, plum and fig vinegar. Served long and spritzed with soda.

Miso Mule – Creamy, complex & savoury: Grey Goose vodka, lime, ginger and a miso and coconut reduction. Served long and lightly carbonated.

Cheeky Monkey – Smokey & refreshing: Monkey Shoulder Whisky and plum wine, seasoned with cherry bitters and topped with ginger ale. Served long.

“When you have the culture and spirit of Japan, Brazil and Peru to work with, it’s truly a never-ending journey of creative opportunities,” Richard says. Hear more about Richard’s inspirations in this video interview.

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